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About Us

Started in 2009, Early Learning’s Fun Preschool has been engaging families and children in the Toh Tuck, Bukit Timah area. Our experienced educators understand that the formative years are crucial and are committed towards nurturing children’s development, and to deliver an exceptional learning experience for every child.

We view our school as a homely unit, a place where like-minded educators come together to be a part of your family, a part of the community to develop our young children to become pillars for the future. 

ELF Preschool is registered with Early Childhood Development Agency and is an approved institute for Singaporean preschoolers receiving childcare subsidies.


Inspire children to be confident lifelong learners in the 21st century through a joyous and purposeful learning process.


To foster holistic development through interactive and hands-on learning.
To inculcate life skills, moral values and promote academic proficiency.

Core Values


We constantly seek to improve and implement advanced practices of early childhood education.


A stronger and trusting relationship with families and community, contributes more to our children’s learning process.


We recognise the diversity of all cultures and provide opportunities for development regardless of race, language or religion.


We aspire to excel in the profession and are dedicated to make a difference to families, children and the community.

Our Teachers







Bilingualism @ ELF

Research has shown that early-years exposure is effective for nurturing bilingualism. Strengthening our efforts to encourage bilingualism in the early years, especially in listening and speaking capabilities, would provide our children with a headstart in language acquisition and lay a stronger foundation for bilingual learning.

At ELF Preschool, our children are exposed to both english and chinese in their early years. To improve bilingualism, our Chinese curriculum is uniquely designed by our educators to follow the same theme delivered for the English lessons. This will improve the concept of bilingual learning as children will have reinforced learning through 2 different languages, and is a move away from having both english and chinese teachers having their own different themes across the year.


These enrichment classes are included in the school curriculum under our Full Day program. These programs vary for different age groups and are conducted at different schedules across a week.

Children will be immersed in Chinese language and arts through fun filled sessions of Chinese stories, with speech and drama, to strengthen their Mandarin language and learn about Chinese culture. The curriculum is developed by Confucius Institute at Nanyang Technological University.

Endorsed for reading by Cambridge Assessment International Education, Cambridge Reading Adventures is our primary reading series. With a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts, students can choose to learn how to bake bread or adventure with a pirate queen. The series is created in collaboration with the UCL Institute of Education’s International Literacy Centre (IOE). Series Editors from the IOE have reviewed each title, making sure content is appropriate and ensure children progress through the stages to become independent and confident readers.

Kindergarten students will be having a project once every term. They will participate in many areas such as financial literacy, show and tell in English and Chinese, arts, setting up a carnival, experiment with growing plants etc.

Little Chefs, our preschool cookery session, relates to a theme or seasonal food activity, related craft/nutrition game and story for developing young minds.

Fine motor skills involve the small muscles of the body that enable functions such as writing, grasping small objects, and fastening clothing. Activities such as collage, colouring, threading beads and craft work also improve the child’s fine motor skills.

Letterland (UK) is a unique, phonics-based approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling. By translating the full range of dry phonic facts into engaging stories, children are motivated to listen, to think and to learn. These stories explain letter shapes and sounds and quickly develop into word building, reading and writing.

Fun Start Move Smart is a motor skills development programme for children. Physical literacy enables us to use a variety of movements with confidence and competence, with creativity and effectiveness.

Fun with Math is a Math learning program dependent upon the student’s ability. From this program, student can realize their maximum potential and improve academic achievement, and build self confidence relating to Math.

ScienceArts is a fun way for children to learn basic science concepts through easy art activities. It builds upon natural curiosity as children discover science concepts through art experiments.