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About Us

Since 2009, ELF Preschool has been providing quality and holistic early childhood education and care, serving families in the Toh Tuck and Bukit Timah area.

We view our school as a homely unit – cosy and welcoming, where children can learn in engaging and meaningful ways! Through our carefully crafted curriculum, dedicated teachers, and innovative learning methods, we provide an environment that fosters growth and development in every child. Our goal is to unlock every child’s innate talents and abilities, so they can embark on life’s journey confidently and happily.

ELF Preschool is registered with Early Childhood Development Agency and is an approved institute for Singaporean preschoolers receiving childcare subsidies.


Inspire children to be confident lifelong learners in the 21st century through a joyous and purposeful learning process.


To foster holistic development through interactive and hands-on learning.
To inculcate life skills, moral values and promote academic proficiency.

Core Values


We constantly seek to improve and implement advanced and good practices of early childhood education.


A stronger and trusting relationship with families and community, contributes more to our children’s learning process.


We recognise the diversity of all cultures and provide opportunities regardless of race, language or religion.


We aspire to excel in our profession and are dedicated to make a difference to the children, families, and our community.

Introducing our Healthy Vision Program:
Championing Good Vision from Young

Did you know?

In Singapore, 50% of 10-year-olds are myopic, and this increases to 65% by age 12 and 80% in adulthood.

We have launched a program to safeguard and preserve good vision in our young learners, led by Mr. Andy Teo, our preschool director, developmental optometrist and author of the Eye Screening Book. Nurturing healthy vision is crucial for your child’s overall development and research shows that high myopia can increase the risk of retinal disorders during adulthood.

Our program offers:

  • Annual Eye Screening from Playgroup: Our optometrists from Vision & Perception will conduct eye screenings to monitor your child’s vision and detect early signs of vision problems such as myopia.
  • Outdoor Play: We prioritize ample outdoor playtime, as it helps reduce the risk of myopia. Children engage in physical activities and experience natural sunlight.
  • Screen Time Management: We emphasize limiting screen time and promoting healthy digital habits to protect your child’s eyesight.
  • Eye Health Education: We educate young learners about proper eye care and the importance of maintaining good vision, empowering them to take responsibility for their eye health.
  • • Collaborative Approach: We foster a partnership between parents, educators, and eye care professionals, ensuring everyone is involved in supporting your child’s visual well-being.
  • All children at ELF Preschool are automatically enrolled in our Healthy Vision Program, as we champion good vision in our little ones!

Why ELF Preschool?

FUN permeates everything we do at ELF!

We provide a stimulating environment to capture the attention and interest of young children along with fun activities to promote learning, socialization, and creativity.

Family Fun
We adopt a family-oriented approach and welcome parents to join in all our excursions.

Join your child to participate in school events such as our annual family carnival!

Fearless Exploration

Our children gain confidence and become more fearless when they are exposed to real-life contexts through regular learning journeys out of school, for example, nature trails, bus trips, grocery shopping and much more!

Enrichment Programs

These enrichment classes are included in the school curriculum under our Full Day program. These programs vary for different age groups and are conducted at different schedules across a week.

Early childhood is a critical period for language and cognitive development. To foster a deep appreciation for Chinese language, culture, and holistic growth in young learners, we combined music, movement, singing, play, and dance. This program is designed to engage children in a multi-sensory Chinese learning experience while promoting physical, social, and emotional development.

The Cambridge Reading Adventures series is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education and offers engaging illustrations and photos that expand young readers’ worldviews. It provides digital classroom resources at different stages, enhancing teaching. The series aligns with Cambridge Primary, the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, and the International Primary Curriculum where relevant.

Kindergarten students will engage in termly projects covering a diverse range of activities. These projects encompass subjects like financial literacy, bilingual show and tell (in both English and Chinese), artistic expression, organizing a carnival, and hands-on experiences with plant cultivation. For instance, students will be introduced to various coins and notes, which they will use in role-playing activities within a mini pretend-store to practise making transactions.

Our preschoolers will be fully immersed in the captivating world of the Chinese language and arts through enjoyable sessions featuring Chinese stories, speech, and drama activities. This engaging approach aims to not only enhance their proficiency in Mandarin but also provide them with insights into Chinese culture.

Fine motor skills encompass the intricate coordination of the small muscles in the body, enabling a child to perform tasks like writing and dressing themselves, such as fastening buttons and zippers. Engaging in creative activities like collage, coloring, threading beads, and craftwork not only fosters a child’s artistic expression but also serves as an enjoyable means of enhancing and refining their fine motor skills.

Letterland (UK) offers a distinctive, phonics-centered method for teaching reading, writing, and spelling. By transforming phonics information into captivating stories, we inspire children to actively listen, think, and, most importantly, learn. These imaginative tales not only elucidate the shapes and sounds of letters but also seamlessly evolve into the foundational skills of constructing words, reading, and writing.

Fun Start Move Smart is a comprehensive motor skills development program designed specifically for children. It focuses on nurturing physical literacy, which empowers young learners to master a wide range of movements with both confidence and competence.

Fun with Math provides an engaging and age-appropriate approach to math education. Through interactive activities, and hands-on experiences, students are exposed to fundamental mathematical concepts in a fun and relatable manner. This lays the foundation for math skills but also sparks their curiosity and enthusiasm for numbers and problem-solving.

ScienceArts is an engaging method for children to understand basic science concepts while embracing their innate sense of curiosity. This unique program combines the worlds of science and art, using fun, creative and hands-on activities to bring scientific principles to life.